Quiz Night

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Come and join us for a bit of fun every Thursday night. Interactive quiz with questions presented on our screens throughout the bar. These include picture rounds, music intros, music videos and just plain straightforward questions.

quiz-question-1The quiz is driven from our new entertainer system from Mediatheme, though it is still down to the quiz master to make it work!!

Format of the quiz is 1 round of 30 questions and 2 rounds of 20 questions. Each round is split into different categories of 10 questions so there will be 7 different categories on the night. Each category is chosen randomly from a possible 20 categories. These include music rounds, general knowledge, history, geography, entertainment, science and nature plus a number of others.

There are prizes for each round winners (3) and the overall winners receive £25 of drinks vouchers.quiz-question-2

Teams of up to 4.

The first category of 10 questions is the picture round.

Categories 2 – 7 you can  play your joker which will double your score for that round (10 questions)

Category 6 is a wipeout round where if you answer any question wrong, you receive no points for the round (10 questions). Wise not to answer at all if you are unsure.

Category 7 is a rollover round where if you answer all 10 questions correctly you will receive the pot of drinks vouchers.

quiz-question-3If there is time there will be a  chance to play for the Deal or No Deal jackpot and perhaps we might squeeze in a game of Disco Bingo (What’s that?)

We are only a small venue so it might be wise to book your seat or table in advance. We reserve 20 seats each week with the rest on a first come basis.


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