Mountain & Cave Rescue




Cave and Mountain Rescue have their headquarters at Clapham, approximately 6 miles from Settle. It is a voluntary organisation tasked with saving lives above and below ground throughout the Yorkshire Dales. It also helps our public and emergency services, when for example, searching for missing persons.

Cave and Mountain Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and relys on public donations. Bar 13 has many customers, both those who live locally and visitors to Settle, who enjoy the pleasures both above and below ground that the Yorkshire Dales has to offer. Each of them know that sometimes things can and do go wrong, even with the best planning, knowledge and experience. It is at these times that the experienced, well equipped and well trained help that the Cave and Mountain Rescue offers is essential.

Visit their website to see their latest rescues and please donate to help this invaluable local service. You never know when you might need them!